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About "Amir Baths LTD.

"Amir Baths LTD." is a company with serious financial backing – DNR, management consultancy and Holding company LTD. (2001).

The company operates in over 15 years and employs twenty people and ten teams. It works with Hotels Fattal, Rimonim, Dan and other prime hotels in Israel. Also, "Amir Baths LTD."
Co-operate with Leonardo Hotels in Europe.

In addition, the company is the official supplier of the Ministry of Defense No. 83432853 and is careful to work only with standard bearing materials.

A long history and reputation

Already from 1989 the company has gained a reputation for excellence, in a range of jobs in the tubs industry, so that it has thousands of private clients and institutional clients lead in their field.

In all the work meetings the company provides its customers with professional consulting and customization needs. The company is careful to work only with standard bearing materials.

Among the works carried out by the team of professionals of the company: innovation, repair, apparel and plating baths of various kinds.

"Amir Baths LTD." serves a wide range of clients in institutional and private sectors nationwide. "Amir Baths LTD." works since 1989, and after so many years of experience, our professional staff offers the public our customers uncompromising service, provided by the Best solution and best bathrooms needed to be renovated or baths whose owners want to add them to a more luxurious look, without the great expense of purchasing a new bathroom.

Improves quality of life

Quality bath should be built from components of sufficient quality, to hold out over many years. In addition, the purpose of "Amir Baths LTD." is to give the costumers a comprehensive service of treatment, renovation and repair.

When we choose our children's bath for example, we should turn to a company that knows how to make high-quality coating and proper baths. Remember, in many cases there is no need to purchase a new bathroom. Plating bath should not take too long, and usually takes no more than three hours. However, keep in mind that there are cases where repairs or renovations are required, and then the process can be extended.
Bottom line, bath should be icing on the cake for our free time. Contacting the best company on the market will ensure not only peace but also a high level and quality of life.

Fitting baths – get a new look for your bath within hours

An old baths in homes and apartments can be in a very bad situation that does not allow using it. This is very common in old tin baths, which suffer from rust and decay and become very difficult after years of use or neglect.

Fitting baths is a fast and efficient solution for a new and clean bathroom, without breaking and dismantling the old one. Actually, fitting baths lets you get a completely different bathroom within a few hours.

What is the dressing baths process ?

The fitting installation process includes "dressing" an additional bathroom on the old bath. In other words, fitting bath is an old tub that is covered with a completely new bath but slightly smaller.

During the procedure of fitting an old bath with a new one there is no dissolution but only connection of the "prosthesis", or the new bathroom, and connecting it accurately and professionally into place, making it impossible to see where the work was performed.

The spaces formed between the two baths is fill by a professional staff which isolate sealants in the highest quality, so even long after the dressing baths procedure there will be no leaking.

You are having a business with a good staff

The new bathroom dressed on the old is an acrylic bathtub that is made of high quality fiberglass. The dressed bath comes in several standard sizes (150-170 cm) and matches the exact dimensions of the old tub by a professional staff.

At the end of the procedure there is no way to see that there is a new bathroom on the basis of an old tub.

And the result ? New bathroom !

At the end of the work, only last about an hour and a half, you will receive a completely new bathroom, but reduced the length and breadth (another way to save water …).

Dressing baths does not involve breaking or dismantling of any kind, so the procedure is an economical choice. The installation is quick and without interruptions to the daily routine.

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